A picture of Imogen
What can I do?

I counsel young people and adults with emotional issues (particularly bereavement and loss) and other concerns such as:

Trauma related issues
Anxiety and depression.
Relationship/work/school issues.
Problematic use of alcohol and/or substances (could be yours or someone else).

My Approach

Is that all human beings have the potential to experience personal peace despite the cards you were dealt with at birth and/or through your life.

"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding"

Kahlil Gibran

‘one size does not fit all’

Different things suit different people at different stages in their lives.

A beautiful rainbow

With all people I take into consideration your preferred gender/sexuality alignment, ethnic and cultural identification and particular learning needs, including appreciating your neuro-diversity identification.


"We've found Imogen to be absolutely fantastic whilst working with our 10 year old daughter who has been bullied at school. Imogen was supportive, understanding and most of all very present with our daughter - Imogen found ways for her to open up about her problems and set up solutions/thought processes for the future to ensure she can manage her emotions easier. Our daughter now looks forward to school again which has had a huge impact on her well being. Without Imogen's support we would still be struggling along - we can't thank her enough."